segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2012

THE MOEBIUS STRIP (2001) by Gilles Jobin

THE MOEBIUS STRIP (2001) by Gilles Jobin from dance-tech.TV on Vimeo.

A sensual, fluid, hypnotic exploration of a “human sculpture”: the bodies of five dancers pass, cross, follow, intertwine with each other. A video of dance, adaptation of choreographer Gilles Jobin’s “The Moebius Strip”.

The Moebius Strip, created at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris during the spring of 2001 became one of his most emblematic pieces. “On the stage, viewed as a white painting, bodies are thrown like splashes of colors, mixed as tint areas and given rhythm by the shades of the clothes” (Rosita Boisseau). This creation evokes his father’s paintings, Arthur Jobin, which alternate between geometrical rigor and intensive vibration of juxtaposed colors.

Dance film 26 minutes / choreography THE MOEBIUS STRIP recorded in december 2001 at the Arsenic, Lausanne. 

Director : HYPERLINK ""Vincent Pluss
Camera : HYPERLINK ""Thomas Hardmeier 
Sound : HYPERLINK ""Vincent Kappeler, Nicolas Joly
Editing : HYPERLINK ""Vincent Pluss 
Production : Joëlle Comé, Luc Peter et Vincent Pluss

Premiered 8 mai 2001, Théâtre de la Ville Les Abbesses, Paris (France)

Choreography : Gilles Jobin 
Dancers : Christine Bombal, Jean-Pierre Bonomo, Vinciane Gombrowicz, Gilles Jobin, Lola Rubio 
Music : Franz Treichler 
Light design : Daniel Demont

The Moebius Strip